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[FSTrigger] Triggered by a change to a folder (log)
Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/gitlab_ynh PR69/workspace
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ /home/CI_package_check/ /home/ PR69.fix-ci gitlab_ynh PR69

Fri May 22 21:48:13 UTC 2020
Wait for work starting...
Fri May 22 21:50:13 UTC 2020
Package check currently test the package
Start a test
Loads functions from
Loads functions from
Loads functions from
Restore the previous snapshot.
Working time: 1 second (21:50:05).
Disable iptables rules.
Disable the network bridge.
Pick up the package which will be tested.
Test the package /home/ PR69.fix-ci.
Initialize network for LXC.
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
ifup: failed to bring up lxc-pchecker
Activate iptables rules.
Parsing of check_process file

Tests serie: Test complet

>> YunoHost versions:
Start the LXC container.
Create witness files...
Working time: 4 seconds (21:50:11).
Working time: 5 seconds (21:50:16).
Debian GNU/Linux 9
  repo: stable
  repo: stable
  repo: stable
  repo: stable
Connection to closed.

>> Package linter... [Test 1/10]

    [YunoHost App Package Linter]

 App packaging documentation -
 App package example         -
 Official helpers            -
 Experimental helpers        -

 If you believe this linter returns false negative (warnings / errors which shouldn't happen),
 please report them on

    Analyzing package /home/CI_package_check/package_check/gitlab_ynh PR69.fix-ci_check

 [Loading App]

Some lines could not be parsed in script install. (That's probably not really critical)
? No closing quotation : echo "newuser ={ \"email\"=>'$mailadmin', \"username\"=>'$admin', \"name\"=>'$admin', \"password\"=>'$rdmPass'}) 
? No closing quotation : ApplicationSetting.last.update_attributes(password_authentication_enabled_for_web: $use_web_account, signup_enabled: $use_web_account)" | gitlab-rails console 


! [YEP-1.9] Try to avoid starting the description by '$app is' ... explain what the app is / does directly ! 
? Consider adding an 'help' key for argument 'is_public' to explain to the user what it means for *this* app to be public or private :
    "help": {
       "en": "Some explanation"

 [Misc File Checks]

 [Helpers Usage]

 [_Common.Sh Script]

 [Install Script]

 [Remove Script]

 [Upgrade Script]

! Please avoid sourcing additional helpers after the official helpers (in this case file ./ 

 [Backup Script]

 [Restore Script]

Only 2 warning remaining! You can do it!
--- SUCCESS ---

>> Compare the syntax to the packaging template... [Test 2/11]

Looks like your package does not respect the template of the example app...
Please follow the template

This helper does not look like an existing helper.
Do not use specific functions aside of ynh helpers.
Keep your code linear directly into the scripts to ease the reading of your scripts
Here the culprit:
scripts/ () {

--- FAIL ---

>> Installation in a sub path... [Test 3/11]
A LXC container is already running.
Working time: 2 seconds (21:50:22).
/home/CI_package_check/ line 153: /usr/bin/tail: Cannot allocate memory
/home/CI_package_check/ fork: Cannot allocate memory
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Finished: FAILURE